Electro Lighter - the USB Rechargeable, Eco-friendly, Windproof, Electric Lighter

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The Electro Lighter

  • Brand new Plasma-coil lighter technology
  • Fully battery-powered lighter that is USB rechargeable
  • Totally Eco-friendly, no more dangerous butane gas!
  • Super durable Zinc Alloy Case
  • Windproof - wind cannot blow out plasma flame
  • Flameless and Child safe!
  • Never need to buy another gas lighter ever again!

NOT SOLD IN STORES, Exclusive offer only available on electrolighters.shop


The Electro Lighter is the most advanced lighter to come out in years and it completely revolutionizes the world of lighters. It utilizes Plasma-coil and arc lighter technology to create a beam of energy that replaces your traditional flame and gas lighter.

It is simply USB rechargeable and you never need to buy a new one like you would with a normal gas lighter, our lighter lasts for 100+ lights!


Material: Zinc Alloy
Size: 71.5 x 35 x 12mm

Comes with:

1x Electro Lighter

1x Micro USB charging cable