Merry Christmas get the FUTURISTIC lighter and light up anything and give the lighter that NEVER fails to light

Electro Lighters

These lighters will blow your mind.

Electro Lighters are the all-new way to use a lighter.

Developed with brand new Tesla-coil and arc lighter technology. They are totally flameless and rechargeable.

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Main Features

  • USB Rechargable

    Simply recharge with Micro USB cord. Uses the same charger as most cell phones.

  • Totally Weatherproof

    Our lighters cannot be blown out by wind. Zinc alloy case is also waterproof.

  • Fully Electric

    No more dangerous flames. Electro Lighters use safe Plasma-coil technology to light objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Electro Lighters work?

Our lighters utilize Plasma-coil and arc lighter technology to generate a safe electric current to light objects with. They are more efficient and durable than normal lighters.

How long do they last?

One charge lasts for roughly 100 lights. It recharges in 90 minutes. We utilize high-quality lithium ion batteries to have extra-long battery life in our lighters! Simply recharge your Electro Lighter with any Micro-USB cord found used with most phones.

Are they safe?

Yes! Safer than traditional gas lighters actually! Electro Lighters can only be powered on when the cap is off and the button is pressed. the electric current cuts out after 10 seconds to make sure you did not accidentally leave it on.

How long are shipping times?

Due to huge demand for this product please allow 3 weeks for global deliveries(faster shipping times to the US, Canada, & Australia). We hope to speed up shipping times in the near future.

What are the benefits of the Electro Lighter?

Never have to buy another disposable lighter again

Micro USB rechargeable

Environmentally friendly

Don't have to walk around with dangerous fuel lighter in your pocket

Ultra durable zinc alloy based case

Water resistant case

Easy to clean

Safety switch so the lighter will never turn on when the lid is shut

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